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The best dentists in Bali: Where to go for check-ups, fillings, teeth whitening & more across the island

The best dentists in Bali: Where to go for check-ups, fillings, teeth whitening & more across the island

Need a dentist in Bali? From crowns to root canals and even cosmetic dentistry, these Bali professionals will make your next trip to the dental clinic stress-free
With so many sweet cocktails to sip on and indulgent brunch spreads to feast through, we all have to make a trip to the dentist at some point. Love it or hate it, finding the right dental professional makes all the difference, and here in Bali, we’re blessed with some of the very best dentists in Asia.

In fact, many of Bali’s dentists are so advanced, they even offer cosmetic dentistry too, from teeth whitening and straightening, to you’ll-never-believe-they’re-not-real porcelain veneers. So, to make sure you never skip a check-up again, we tried-and-tested the most talked-about dentist clinics in Bali. Whether you need a filling, a root canal, or just a routine check-up, here’s our list of the best dentists in Bali – the top spots to have your teeth tended to.


1. Sunset Dental – Seminyak & Ubud

A fave among the expat crowds for its affordability, reliability and utmost professionalism, Sunset Dental is a go-to for routine check-ups and general dental concerns. Modern, high-tech and equipped with an extremely talented team of friendly dentists and specialists, this clinic really does have it all, including an in-house digital lab, imported top-quality materials, and even a Trios 3shape scanner for Invisalign braces.
Best for: General check-ups, braces and affordable porcelain veneers.

2. ARC Dental Clinic – Kuta

Conveniently located on Sunset Road, Arc Dental Clinic is a multi-specialty and state-of-the-art dental practice that offers a wide range of dental health services and cosmetic treatments at sensible prices – all the while maintaining the highest standards of hygiene, technology and excellence in patient care. They’re the place to go for full porcelain teeth restorations, teeth whitening & bleaching, as well as periodontics and endodontics (that’s a root canal, FYI). Their Internationally-trained dentists make the entire experience an easy-breezy one too, personable and on-hand to tend to whatever dental problems you have, with the option of customisable treatment plans to suit your individual requirements. Visiting the dentist has never been so comforting…
Best for: Cosmetic dentistry and root canals.

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3. Lumina Aesthetics Dental Centre – Kuta

If you ever thought visiting the dentist was a mundane experience, you’ve never been to Lumina Aesthetics Dental Centre. Their treatments are described as “where dental expertise meets art”. This super suave aesthetics clinic doubles up as a dental centre, and it’s just as swanky as it sounds. They offer everything from routine checkups to teeth bleaching and porcelain veneers too. They can even carry out oral surgeries. We’ve sat in the Lumina dentist chair ourselves, and we’ve never had such a thorough scaling. Forget cookie-cutter 30-minute appointments: the professional Lumina dentists worked on us for over an hour, making sure no tooth was overlooked nor any plaque left uncovered. Our gnashers have never felt so clean (and yes, we finished off with whitening, too)!

4. BIMC Dental Centre – Nusa Dua

As Bali’s premium dental experience (in terms of price and procedures available) BIMC Dental Centre offers only the highest standard of dental treatment for tourists and residents alike, ranging from regular check-ups and standard restorative treatments (like fillings, crowns and bridges) to other complex procedures and cosmetic dentistry that require a specialist and state-of-the-art equipment. If you’re just visiting Bali and require lab work (which can take upwards of a week) you can return to your hotel and enjoy your holiday while the lab staff prepares artificial replacements – just one of the many five-star services you’ll receive here.
Best for: A premium dental experience that covers all bases.

The best dentists in Bali: Where to go for check-ups, fillings, teeth whitening & more across the island

5. Rejuvie Dental Clinic – Kuta & Sanur

Offering a full range of dental treatments and procedures, Rejuvie Dental Clinic is where you’ll find friendly and professional staff ready to give you the best and most honest advice as to what dental procedure is best for you. Whether it’s a routine clean from a hygienist or a more complex treatment, both the speciality and general dentists here treat you gently and painlessly, alongside high-tech dental equipment and panoramic X-rays to make everything easier.

6. Rata Clinic – Umalas

Born in Jakarta, Rata Clinic pioneered teeth-straightening treatments in Indonesia by using clear aligners designed by top orthodontists, with monitoring from state-of-the-art technologies. Having cared for over 40,000 smiley patients, it’s no wonder that Rata’s aligner was voted the most popular in Indonesia. Aside from the clear aligners, Rata also offers general dental treatments, from root canal treatments and extractions, to removing braces and providing dental X-rays. The best bit is, your dental consultation can be done in-clinic or online for your convenience.

7. Sayan Aesthetic Institute – Ubud

Sitting on the outskirts of Ubud in stunning Sayan, this anti-aging and rejuvenation medi-spa is also home to a renowned cosmetic dentist clinic, adding to patients’ overall spruce-up by providing healthy, even and sparkling-white smiles too. Able to brighten, whiten and repair your teeth, come here for a healthy and confident smile, made to last and designed to suit you. Most procedures can be completed in just one visit and are surprisingly affordable, from crowns, veneers, fillings and orthodontics, to whitening, smile design and general dentistry